About Us

Rogalife, USA launched GoRoga in India in collaboration with Globalspace Technologies Ltd. as exclusive partners.

Take control of your stress for a happier, healthier life

Why was GoRoga built ?

GoRoga was created because conventional health tools frequently fall short. Although talk therapy and medicines may be beneficial, they are frequently costly and time demanding. The GoRoga wearable puts you back in control.

GoRoga is a therapeutic wearable that works by providing mild pulses to the brain that indicate safety to the nervous system. It is supposed to be worn calmly, like a pair of headphones.

It's a non-invasive, safe approach to unwinding and rediscovering flow. Using the GoRoga wearable on a regular basis helps to retrain your nervous system, allowing you to recuperate from stress and feel better in general.

"We built Roga to help solve a fundamental problem - medication alone is not enough to save us from the mental health crisis. We as humans are not evolving fast enough to deal with the toll that modern life is taking on our bodies and minds.”

Ami Lebendiker
Co-founder and CEO, Roga Life

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